Random Launching Issue: Solved!

For future reference: Don’t use public.item to mean “any file type”. Use public.data instead.



The Inconspicous Appendage 2: The Return by MultiTrip

HE’S BACK AND IN BLACK (You can paint it black)




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JON: This correspondents’ strike may go down as the least-effective piece of industrial action in recorded history—if you’re an option, I’m firing all these guys right away! […] As far as I’m concerned, I just traded up my ‘83 Toyota for a Maserati!


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Anonymous asked: flash

Set a delay.

Anonymous asked: What settings do I use to capture a very long web page?

Just leave the crop size set to infinite, and it should work. If it’s an “infinitely scrolling” page, you might have to interact, scroll manually, and then press cmd-return to capture without reloading (0.6.5+).

Old Soap.

Old Soap.

Paparazzi! and Folder Actions

A few people have written describing a very odd issue: Paparazzi! randomly launching on them for no reason.

Two of these people mentioned using Folder Actions, so I figured Apple Events/AppleScript were involved. They were also all using 10.6 or 10.7.

Turns out, Folder Actions want to talk to System Events. On 10.8, Folder Actions Setup asks for System Events using its bundle ID (com.apple.systemevents). However, on 10.7, it looks for it using its (deprecated) creator code ('sevs').

If System Events isn’t already running, Folder Actions somehow can’t find it via its creator code. (I’m fairly certain now that this is an Apple bug.)

TLDR: If you’re having Paparazzi! launch on you randomly, and you’re using Folder Actions, try launching /System/Library/CoreServices/System Events.app manually. If the problem goes away, add it to your login items.

(Or stop putting off your upgrade to Mountain Lion.)

Paparazzi! random launch issue

A few people have reported an issue with Paparazzi! where it will spontaneously launch or come to the foreground, interrupting their workflows. I can’t reproduce this, so if anyone is seeing this I woud appreciate any info that could help me track it down! (Console logs around the time it occurs, etc.)