This gorgeous piece of Hyrulian art was made by Ryan McKanna with a suggestion from his lovely wife, Jennifer Putzier - two of my dear friends who have an ongoing project called 52 Lasers. This project was started as an effort to branch out with innovative uses for their laser cutter featuring a new project for each week of the year, the least of which is this breathtaking mirror due to inhabit my home and compliment my limited edition Link to the Past 3DS and the Wind Waker Wii U. I am beyond words at how gorgeous this is - I donated it to him as a test project a few years ago and we never quite decided what to do with it. Jen had the brilliant idea to work with a Legend of Zelda inlay and I was just surprised with this out of the blue. 

Please check out their work! I am humbled by my amazingly talented friends!

"Hylian", tho. runs away

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My fake aunt, dapper as fuck.

High Contrast — Spectrum Analyser

Random Launching Issue: Solved!

For future reference: Don’t use public.item to mean “any file type”. Use instead.



The Inconspicous Appendage 2: The Return by MultiTrip

HE’S BACK AND IN BLACK (You can paint it black)



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JON: This correspondents’ strike may go down as the least-effective piece of industrial action in recorded history—if you’re an option, I’m firing all these guys right away! […] As far as I’m concerned, I just traded up my ‘83 Toyota for a Maserati!


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Anonymous said: flash

Set a delay.

Anonymous said: What settings do I use to capture a very long web page?

Just leave the crop size set to infinite, and it should work. If it’s an “infinitely scrolling” page, you might have to interact, scroll manually, and then press cmd-return to capture without reloading (0.6.5+).